Earnings Insights update: see how your songs earn by category

Tuesday, 22 Sep 2020

Earnings Insights for Songwriter and Composers update:
New feature shows how your songs earn by category

We launched the Earnings Insights analytics tool in July and have recently completed the first update for songwriters and composers, so that you can see your earnings by category when you log in.

That's right, now visible from the dashboard are the trends in your category earnings over time - by month or year. In your distribution reports, you can see earnings by category with details specific to that report.

When you log in to your dashboard and go to Earnings by Category, you'll be able to see an interactive bar graph, which provides a breakdown of earnings by different sources including streaming services, video on demand, live performances, fitness, radio, TV and more.

Important reminders about Earnings Insights:

  • Earnings Insights currently available for APRA earnings only
  • Captures the past seven years of distribution data
  • Best viewed on desktop
  • Supported web browsers include recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, but not Internet Explorer 11

If you haven't yet activated your Earnings Insights, get started now or watch our short tutorials to get better acquainted. As always, please contact Writer Services if you need assistance.

ICYMI: if you are the primary account user, you can now give access to a secondary contact (e.g. manager or bookkeeper) to view your Earnings Insights. Just log in, go to the My Team tab and tick Financial. You can also assign Claim & Register permissions, with those features coming soon in our upgraded portal and app.

Letter of Authority: If you are giving someone access for the first time, please also fill out a Letter of Authority form

For managers or other team members acknowledged on a previously lodged Letter of Authority, or if have questions about adding someone, please contact Writer Services for assistance.

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