Unlocking the cultural economy is key to Sydney’s 24 hour strategy

Tuesday, 15 Sep 2020

APRA AMCOS has welcomed the work of the NSW Government and the Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney Minister Stuart Ayres in developing a whole-of-government approach to reviving Sydney’s global standing as world-class 24-hour city. 

“For too long, Sydney’s music and entertainment economy has been hamstrung by over-regulation, bad planning decisions and a lack of coordination across government,” said Dean Ormston, CEO APRA AMCOS.  

“The whole-of-government approach to develop the 24 hour economic strategy in close consultation with industry with the aim of fostering a vibrant and sustainable 24 hour economy for Sydney is a big first step by the NSW Government. APRA AMCOS was honoured to be part of the industry working group.

“The development of a vibrant and sustainable 24 hour economy in Sydney will be vital not only for the local music industry and any business who uses music to enhance their commercial activity, it will be critical to the health and well-being of all of us as we emerge from the impacts of COVID-19.

“Central business districts and local economies work best when there is flourishing entertainment offer with live music and cultural activity. We already know this creates safe communities but what is now emerging is the way music and culture builds the prospects for long-term growth in jobs and provides a boost in economic activity,” Ormston said.

For the successful implementation of the 24 hour economy strategy, we recommend the NSW Government prioritise five key areas of reform: 

  1. The removal of red-tape and barriers to entry for music and cultural businesses expedited with the creation of local precincts to foster diverse night time activity 
  2. The creation of cultural economy working group to support the work of the 24-hour Economy Coordinator General
  3. An overhaul of funding of contemporary music and the creation of a dedicated office for contemporary music within government 
  4. jobs and skills package and a review of the school syllabus to support the medium-to-long-term needs of the cultural economy 
  5. Investment in the people, places and businesses to help protect existing cultural economic infrastructure and harness the potential of Sydney’s under-utilised creative capital. 

“APRA AMCOS has long argued on the importance of a whole-of-government approach when it comes to policy solutions to unlock the full potential Australia’s music and cultural economy,” Ormston said.

“We look forward to continuing this important work with the NSW Government as the full potential of the music and cultural economy are unlocked as part of a new era in policy development and strategy that will be a cultural, economic and social boon for the state.”

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