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APRAP - Tips of the Trade : Five tips for a greener music scene with Tim Hollo, Green Music Australia

Ten years ago, I wrote and recorded FourPlay’s third album, Now to the Future. With the support of our manager, we made a substantial effort to reduce the environmental impact of the ...

Tips of the Trade : Why your press release sucks!

We eavesdropped on Music NSW's 'Music Publicity 101' to find out how to get your PR right the first time!

Tips of the Trade : with Peter Coquillard, on Collaboration

We caught up with Peter Coqullard to discuss the challenges of collaboration in music.

Tips of the Trade : Unblock the writer within

We sat down with psychologists Wayne Gillespie and Elizabeth Neal to learn how best to avoid writers block.

Tips of the Trade : Tropscore

We got some tips and tricks from Burkhard Dallwitz, Jared Underwood and Ben Allen to make your entry for Tropscore or Tropscore Jr the best it can be!

Tips of the Trade : How to book a great gig

We chat to three booking agents to find out what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to putting on a show.

Tips of the Trade : Collaboration

We caught up with Mitch Kenny and Jezzabell Doran to talk about collaborating in music.

Tips of the Trade : Heading Overseas

We spoke to Glenn Dickie about what it takes to successfully tour overseas.  

Tips of the Trade : Publishing Deals – the Dos and Don’ts

This month we spoke to the General Manager of AMPAL.

Tips of the Trade : A&R with Scott Horscroft

This month, we talked to Scott Horscroft, General Manager of A&R for EMI Australia about the music industry.

Tips of the Trade : Digital Marketing 101

This month, we tagged along to a free workshop hosted by Music NSW to help songwriters and musicians understand online marketing. 

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