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How many songs can I enter?

You can enter as many songs as you wish!

Can I enter by post?

Our preferred method of entry is using the online application, but if you are unable to access the portal, then yes - you can post your entry to us by downloading our entry form here. You will need to complete an entry form for each song you wish to enter. A completed paper entry consists of:

  • Paper application form per entry
  • Personal cheque or money order made out to Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy
  • Bio - limited to 300 words
  • Photo of yourself or band
  • Parental authority form if you are under 18
  • CD of your entry songs - please ensure that your CD only consists of songs for entry.

Applicants are encouraged to provide their bio and photos on CD. Entries should be posted via Express Post or similar to ensure tracking by mail.

What kind of song are you looking for? Any particular genre?

All songs in all genres are accepted. No particular style or genre is being sought; we're just looking for a great song.

What if my song is in a language other than English, will it be disqualified?

Songs in any language will be accepted and judged. However, we suggest you provide an English translation so that our judges can better connect with the themes and message of your song.

I only have lyrics for the song I want to enter, can I just send through lyrics?

For the purposes of the competition, we are only accepting musical compositions that contain a melody. Lyrics only pieces will not be accepted or judged.

Does it matter when I wrote the song?

No. There is no limit on the age of your song. It can be something brand new or something written years ago.

Is the entry fee tax deductable?

The Australian Tax Office defines a tax deductable donation to be that of a 'gift’. As you are entering your song into a competition, the entry fee cannot be defined as a true gift and therefore is not tax-deductable.

Where does my entry fee go?

All proceeds from entry fees will be donated to Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia. APRA AMCOS is purely administering this competition and are taking no percentage of the entry fees as administration costs.

Will there be feedback provided?

As this competition is run at no cost to Nordoff-Robbins, APRA AMCOS cannot provide feedback for applicants.

Is there an age limit on applicants?

There is no upper or lower age limit for applicants. However, songwriters who are under 18 before the competition is stated to end will need to provide parental/guardian authority when applying. You can download the form here. Please read the Terms and Conditions for further details pertaining to minors.

Will APRA AMCOS or Nordoff-Robbins own my song if I enter?

You will retain all rights to your song. APRA AMCOS and Nordoff-Robbins may use your song for promotional purposes only, including on our website and social media.

What if I only have a demo? Will my song be judged on recording quality?

All judges have been briefed to judge a song on its songwriting merits and not how it was recorded. However, you should ensure the song is recorded in good quality so that the melody and lyrics can be heard clearly.

If I enter more than one song, will only one song be listened to?

All songs, irrespective of who submitted them, will be listened to and judged individually.

Will bias be given to established songwriters or APRA AMCOS members?

All songs are given a unique code when submitted and the judges can only view this code and the song title. This means that all entries are anonymous until the final winners are revealed. At no stage will the identity of the applicants involved be revealed to the Judges. As such, no predicted bias can occur.

Do I have to be a member of APRA AMCOS or another Performing Right Organisation (PRO) to enter?

Songwriters who have no current PRO affiliation may apply. However we do suggest that if your original songs are being broadcast on TV/Radio, streamed or downloaded for sale online or performed live in a public venue, you should join a PRO to ensure that you collect your songwriting royalties.

What if my song is co-written, do we both apply?

Applications must come from an individual who has contributed to the songwriting of the entered song. This applicant would be deemed the sole winner and any eventuating prizes would be divided amongst co-writers at the winner's discretion. Please ensure your co-writers have agreed and authorised the submission of your song into this competition.

I'm not confident providing financial or personal details online, how can I know my details will be kept safe?

APRA AMCOS operate under extremely secure conditions and any entry into this competition will have the same level of security. Your payment and personal details will be kept on a secure server with limited access to it. Your Proof of ID and payment details will not be disclosed to any third parties.

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