2019 Winner - Dann Hume and Matt Corby

2019 Winner - Matt Corby and Dann Hume "Miracle Love"
2nd place - Sarah Aarons "The Middle"
3rd place - Sahara Beck "Here We Go Again"
Unpublished prize - Kaiit "Miss Shiney"

2018 Winner - Amy Shark - Adore


2018 First place winner: Amy Shark "Adore"

2nd place: David Le’aupepe (Gang of Youths) - "Let Me Down Easy"

3rd place: David Le’aupepe (Gang of Youths) - "The Heart is a Muscle"

Unpublished prize: Grace Shaw - "Better"

2016 Winner - Gretta Ray

2016 Winner - Gretta Ray "Drive"

First Runner-up - Emma Louise "Underflow"

Joint Second Runner Up - Tigertown (Charlene Collins/Christopher Collins) "Lonely Cities"

Joint Second Runner Up - Tia P. "4 Seats from Beyoncé"

2014 Winner - Husky Gawenda

2014 Winner - Husky Gawenda "Saint Joan"

First Runner-up - Meg Mac "Roll Up Your Sleeves"

Second Runner Up - David Le'aupepe (Gang of Youths) "Poison Drum"

Encouragement Award - Andy Bull "Baby I Am Nobody Now"

2013 Winner - Isabella Manfredi

01 02 03

2013 Winner - Isabella Manfredi (The Preatures) “Is This How You Feel?”

First Runner-up - Robert Conley “Paper Thin”

Second Runner Up - Thelma Plum "Breathe In Breathe Out"/Jasmine Nelson "Keep Her Close"

2011 Winner - Kimbra

01 02 03

2011 Winner - Kimbra “Cameo Lover”

First Runner-up - Catherine Britt “Sweet Emmylou”

Second Runner-up - Gotye “Somebody That I Used To Know”

2009 Winner: Megan Washington

01 02 03

2009 Winner: Megan Washington "How to Tame Lions”.

Runner-up - Eskimo Joe (Kav Temperley, Joel Quartermain and Stu Macleod) "Foreign Land"

Runner-up - Caitlin Harnett "Tying Hands and Holding Shoelaces"

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