Important notes about search results 

  • The results of your search indicate authorship, but may not necessarily indicate ownership of a work. You should not rely on search results as evidence of copyright in a work. Search results do not record publisher interests nor all disputes over ownership of works. 
  • The results of your search will not include jingles, background music for films and television productions, and non-copyright (public domain) works. 
  • If the work you searched for is not listed, it does not necessarily mean that the work is not within our repertoire. Our repertoire includes musical works written by members of overseas societies we are affiliated with. Some of those overseas works, as well as unregistered local works, will not appear in your search results. 
  • Works written by our members are marked with our logo.
  • Verified Performers are marked with a green tick. A verified performer is one that has been properly identified as a recording artist, and has been reported as having made a recording of the work. 
  • Unverified performers are those reported in broadcast data, but that data has not yet been verified by us. 
  • If you have a query relating to your search results, please contact us on +61 2 9935-7900.

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